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good news iran: Expanding interactions with regional states Iran prime policy

Speaking in his meeting with Tajik Ambassador to Iran Nizamuddin Zahedi in Tehran on Monday, Mohammad Mehdi Esmaeili emphasized the need for expanding and deepening bilateral interactions with Republic of Tajikistan in various cultural and artistic fields.

Stressing the expansion of bilateral interactions between the two countries of Iran and Tajikistan in different artistic and cultural areas, Esmaeili added, “The fact that Iran and Tajikistan speak with the same language (Persian) shows the depth of cultural commonalities between the two nations and Iran considers Tajik government as brother and friend country.”

Islamic Republic of Iran and Tajikistan have a shared ancient history which is a source of pride and Iranians have always felt a sense of empathy with Tajik people, the minister underlined.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Iran’s culture minister pointed to the foreign policy of the country in the administration of President Raeisi and stated that expanding interaction and cooperation with regional countries and Farsi-speaking and Central Asian nations is the main priority of the 13th government of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Head of Iran’s Arts Council stated that Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance welcomes and supports holding Tajikistan Cultural Week in Tehran and other Iranian cities.

Tajik envoy to Iran, for his part, pointed to the cultural and artistic commonalities between the two countries of Iran and Tajikistan and said that bilateral cultural cooperation between the two countries will enter a new phase during new administration of Iran and it is hoped that cultural cooperation between Iran and Tajikistan will be increased considerably more than before.

Referring to the visit of the Iranian President to Tajikistan, the ambassador added that following the visit of President Raeisi to Tajikistan, a new phase of bilateral cooperation between the two countries started especially in cultural and artistic fields and this cooperation should be signed within the framework of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Cultural and religious commonalities throughout history provide a good platform for the growth of cultural cooperation between the two countries, he added.



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