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good news iran: Annual exports of dried fruit, nuts grows %42

According to Mahmoud Bazari, the director-general of TPO’s Export Coordination Office for agro crops and processing industry products, contrary to the US sanctions and the outbreak of the coronavirus, the export of the dried fruit and nuts in the said 12 months increased by 42% in terms of value, compared to the year before.

“Last year, 776,000 tons of Iranian dried fruits worth $2.36 billion were exported to target countries, registering an increase of 42% in terms of value and 54% in terms of weight compared to the year 1398,” he said.

As he said, China, UAE, India, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, and Afghanistan are among the most important target markets for Iranian dried fruit exports.

Iran reportedly exported 112 million tons worth $34.25 billion and imported 34.4 million tons worth $38.4 billion of goods, in 1399.



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