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good news iran: Goods transit through Astara customs increase by 63%

Karim Rasouli said Saturday that Iran exported 534,591 tons of non-oil products valued at $301,087,165 through Astara customs offices during the first 8 months of the Iranian calendar year 1400 (March 21 – Nov 22, 2021).

Although there was no change in volume of the exported products in comparison to the corresponding period last year, records show a 28% hike in terms of the value, Rasouli added.

He further said that during the mentioned period, 139,983 tons of goods valued at $98,463,488 have been imported through Astara customs, adding that local customs offices issued 19,316 declarations valued at $64,094,411 for temporary goods imports.

Astara is situated on the western coast of the Caspian Sea, on the northernmost part of Gilan province. It lies on the last borderline between Iran and the Azerbaijan Republic. Astara Port is the first port of the private sector in Iran. It is the closest and the most cost-effective way for trade and transport between Asia, Africa, and Europe.



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