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good news iran: Iran exports $533m worth of Pistachio in 7 months

Darab Hasani, Director-General of Cold Weather and  Dry Crops Department of the Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture or Iran or the agriculture ministry, in short, said Monday that pistachio is cultivated in over 500,000 hectares of lands in Iran and an average of 300,000 tons of the crops are produced annually in the country.

Hasani stated that exports of pistachio in Iran have witnessed an upward trend over the past 3 years, adding, in the year 1398 in the Iranian calendar (March 21, Oct. 22, 2019) 109,000 tons of pistachio valued at $972 m were exported by Iran while the figures for the last year 1399 (March 21, Oct. 22, 2020) were 203,000 tons worth $1.371b.

He further said that during the first seven months of 1400 (March 21, Oct. 22, 2021), Iran exported 80,000 tons of pistachio worth $533m.

Hasani stressed that the total production of pistachio in Iran in 1398 stood at 337,000 tons while that the volume of pistachio production in 1399 increased to 358,000 tons.

The official also said that the production of pistachio in Iran witnessed a downward trend this year, saying that Pistachio production is estimated to be standing at 281,000 tons, indicating a 21% decrease.

According to the statistics released by Food and Agriculture Organization (FOA), Iran is the top producer of pistachio in the world while it is the second exporter of the crop after the United States.



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