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good news iran: Hamedan exports hit $730mn in 9 months: Official

Speaking at the 6th Working Group of Promotion of Exports of Non-Oil Commodities in Hamedan province on Wednesday, Alireza Ghasemi Farzad emphasized that $730 million worth of non-oil products have been exported to 29 countries from provincial customs offices.

A number of 110 various types of agricultural, industrial, mineral and handicrafts products were exported from the province, the governor general added.

He also added that the target for the value of exports from Hamedan province is set as $1.3 billion by the yearend (March 21, 2022).

Ghasemi Farzad also named raisin, Ferrosilicon, industrial (non-petroleum) Vaseline, cement and medical PVC as the important export products of the province in that period.



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