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good news iran: Iran plans to extensively expand exports to China

Mehdi Safari made the comments in an interview during which he referred to the meeting of the Coordination Headquarters for Foreign Economic Relations which was held to discuss free economic zones in Iran.

“Some countries are interested in investing in the Chabahar region for the transit of their goods, so a delegation from Uzbekistan will come to Iran and go to Chabahar,” the diplomat said

Safari also pointed to the comprehensive partnership document for 25-year cooperation signed with China in 2020 and said the agreement came into force yesterday after Foreign Minister’s visit to China.

“With the foreign minister’s visit to China and the meeting with the Chinese foreign minister there, after negotiations between the two sides, they announced that this agreement will be implemented. The relevant work has started and the [Iranian] Ministries of Health and Tourism and the Fisheries organization are already implementing the agreement,” he added.

The diplomat added that there is good ground for exporting aquatic products to China, as well honey and medicinal plants, which are not under the sanctions.

“If we export agricultural products and crops to seven to eight countries such as Russia, Central Asia, the Caucasus, India and China, we will earn a lot of money,” Safari concluded.



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