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good news iran: Iraq has no alternative for Iran’s gas imports: minister

“As far as energy security is concerned, Iraq has no good alternative for its gas imports from Iran”, Iraq’s electricity minister Iraqi Electricity Minister Majid Mahdi Hantoush said in a press conference in Iraq that focused on energy consumption and greenhouse emissions.

During the meeting, it was emphasized that efforts to diversify gas resources in order to reduce Iraq’s dependence on Iran were necessary as Iran has reduced its gas supplies to Iraq recently.

However, experts believe that by concluding a new contract between the two countries, Iran will send 50 million cubic meters of gas to Iraq, which could fully meet Iraq’s demands for gas.

Meanwhile, the Iranian energy minister Ali Akbar Mehrabian has expressed Iran’s readiness to prepare a comprehensive cooperation document in the field of trade with Iraq.

The Iranian minister made the remarks in a meeting with an advisor to the Iraqi Prime Minister during which he expressed hope that these interactions will lead to the development of mutual cooperation in the field of electricity in the interests of both countries.



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