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good news iran: Iran, China to cooperate on artificial intelligence

Speaking in a meeting with the presence of the heads of international affairs of universities, Alaeddin Boroujerdi stated that science diplomacy is very important for Iran and the 25-year agreement with China is a golden opportunity to boost the cooperation with them in the field of artificial intelligence because China is an advanced country in this regard.

Saying that there are currently 3,000 Iranian students in China, Boroujerdi said that negotiations are being made with China to cooperate in the field of artificial intelligence and other advanced fields of studies.

Iran is at the beginning of cooperating with Russia, too, he added.

Boroujerdi went on to say that the Islamic Azad University during the past few decades has reached a great experience in interdisciplinary interactions by opening branches in England, Afghanistan, Beirut, and Dubai.

In Sanaa, despite the difficult conditions of the war, the university is trying to obtain permits for opening a new branch, according to him.

Boroujerdi also announced that there are more than 49,000 foreign students from 14 different countries, mostly from Iraq and Afghanistan, studying at Azad University.



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