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good news iran: Joint Commissions between Iran, neighbors to be held soon

Speaking in an interview with IRNA on Friday, Alireza Enayati the Director-General of Iranian Foreign Ministry for Persian Gulf Affairs pointed to the special attention of the 13th government to its relations with neighbors and stated that the current administration under President Raeisi started its activity with the motto of prioritizing its neighbors in the foreign policy.

Stating that joint commissions between Iran and its neighbors are active in trade and economic sectors, Director-General of Iranian Foreign Ministry for Persian Gulf said that the commissions between Iran and neighbors will be held in coming months.

Focusing on establishing relations with neighbors has always been put at the focal attention of foreign policy of the country but the 13th government has emphasized that forging relations with neighbors is a priority, the issue of which has been taken into serious consideration by senior officials of the country especially President Raeisi.

Joint commissions of Iran and neighbors are active in the trade and economic sectors, he said and expressed hope that objectives of these commissions would be materialized within the framework of neighborhood relations.



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