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good news iran: Iranian-made insulin pens available in domestic market

In recent months, the shortages of insulin pens created problems for patients but through the efforts of an Iranian knowledge-based company, with the transfer of technology from a German company, domestically made pen insulins by the name of “Glargin” which is available in pharmacies across the country.

Zohreh Afsartala, Deputy CEO of the Iranian knowledge-based company that has developed the device told Iranian media that “Insulin Pen Glargine is a long-acting insulin pen that the patient needs to inject once every 24 hours; At present, one million pens (pens) of this product have been produced and approved by the health ministry.”

She added, “Currently, the product formulation and filling is done in the country, and in the near future, the production of raw material from” cellular “to the final product will be done in the country.”

Afsartala stated that the amount of investment for the production of insulin pens in Iran was 126 million Euros, adding that domestic production of the medicine will cost 30% less than what is imported from overseas.



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