Iran’s nuclear achievements showcased in Kerman

The exhibition was in the fields of nuclear fuel cycle, power plant sector, and collective application field of medicine and industry.

According to Iran Press, this exhibition has been held for many years sharing scientific information to motivate students.

During the last two years, the exhibition has been held in universities and fairgrounds with the aim of jihad of explanation.

The exhibition held in Kerman showcased Iran’s Nuclear achievements in the fields of exploration, extraction, airborne geophysics, yellow cake production, uranium processing, centrifuge enrichment, nuclear fuel rod, and complex construction, achievements in agriculture, diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, and medicine.

This exhibition took place for five days, from December 2 to 6, 2023, at Shahid Bahonar University in Kerman.

Experts and students who were interested in Physics and nuclear energy warmly welcomed the exhibition.

RHM/Iran Press


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