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good news iran: Khorasan’s Dotār / The heritage being forgotten

Tehran (ISNA) – The Traditional Skills of Crafting and Playing Dotār was inscribed on the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2019.

The traditional skills of crafting and playing the Dotār are one of the most prominent social and cultural components of folkloric music among the ethnic groups, and communities of the Dotār regions, especially the provinces of Khorasan.

Playing Dotār dates back to approximately three thousand years and its shape and the way it is played differs in different regions of Iran.

In recent years, due to the lack of support from Iran’s government for music, people’s taste in music has changed and as a result, this style of music will be forgotten soon.

The multicultural feature in the provinces of Khorasan has created special folk music in this region.

Photographer: Ashkan Pordel


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