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Kyiv gets additional four HIMARS systems from US

“Four additional HIMARS from our partners have arrived,” he said on Twitter on Tuesday. “Great news on the eve of Ramstein 6, where I’m going tomorrow.”

The Ramstein air base in Germany hosts meetings of the so-called Ukraine Defense Contact Group, to discuss supplies of weapons and military equipment to Kyiv.

The US provided another aid package to Ukraine with $1.1 billion, which includes 18 HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems and 150 Humvee armored off-road vehicles, among other things, the Pentagon said in its statement Wednesday, TASS reported.

The package also includes 150 tactical towing vehicles, radars and drone defense equipment. This would bring the total US military aid provided to Kyiv since the beginning of the special military operation to over $16 billion.

Meanwhile, Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen said at the start of her bilateral meeting with Ukrainian Finance Minister Sergey Marchenko on Tuesday the US government is set to start providing financial support of $4.5 billion to Ukraine soon and hopes that its allies would also intensify their economic assistance to Kyiv.

The US Department of the Treasury quoted Yellen as saying that “two weeks ago, Congress passed $4.5 billion in direct budget support for Ukraine” and “the United States will begin to disburse to the Ukrainian government in the coming weeks.”

“This brings the United States’ total economic assistance to Ukraine to $13 billion, all in grants,” she added.

“We are calling on our partners and allies to join us by swiftly disbursing their existing commitments to Ukraine and by stepping up in doing more, both to help Ukraine continue its essential government services and to help Ukraine begin to build and recover,” the US official went on.

Yellen also mentioned her willingness “to better understand the outlook for Ukraine’s economy, your financing needs for next year.”

“We’ll also discuss ways that the US and our global coalition can continue to impose sanctions on Russia, its public finances, and its military industry,” she said, adding that the US and its G7 allies will “build on that work with our price cap on Russian oil.”.



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