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EB patients endure painful suffering due to inhumane sanction

In a tweet on Wednesday, Amir-Abdollahian wrote, “At @ebhomengo, today I heard & saw 1st-hand painful sufferings that butterfly children endure due to inhumane sanctions. Sanctions target ordinary ppl & harm vulnerable groups the most.”

“Continuation of sanctions reveals even more the hypocrisy of West’s human rights advocacy,” he added.

The thin and fragile body of Iranian EB patients need dressings to give them some peace, but this ointment has been denied to them for years due to the tough US sanctions and the support of the Europe, Iran’s top diplomat emphasized.

Iran is suffering from more than a thousand butterflies, he said, adding that these angels are suffering every day before the eyes of human rights claimants. In the eyes of these butterflies, you can see the pain, count the suffering.

Which pure heart sees the pictures of these angels and goes to bed safely at night? Isn’t it time for the human rights advocates to ask themselves, what is the connection between human rights slogans and the sanctions on the export of “EB” patient dressings or special medicine for special diseases to Iran?

“The history will ask us which side we have stood on, do we have an answer without shame?” he added.



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