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OANA meeting lays groundwork for cooperation among media

“Members can propose new opportunities and each member has a chance to share his experiences,” Kim Hyeon-jun, deputy director general of South Korean Yonhap news agency said on Monday in Tehran at the OANA General Assembly.

Yonhap deputy Director General added, “During this Covid-19 pandemic, we should be able to ask our organization to discuss the challenges and opportunities.”

“We must examine the opportunities and challenges and discuss solutions for them,” Hyeon-jun added.

He added, “Since 1961, OANA has tried to help the exchange of experiences and cooperation amon news agencies in the Asia-Pacific region and we should be able to follow this path.”

“We hope that this movement will help us to progress and move positively in the coming years,” the Yonhap official added.

The 18th General Assembly of the Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA) officially kicked off in the Iranian capital of Tehran on Monday.

Around 60 senior directors, managers, and editors from 35 OANA member-states are present at the two-day general assembly of OANA and will discuss various topics, including the development and strengthening of media cooperation.



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