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Iran brotherly, friendly country for Afghanistan

On the sidelines of the 18th Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies General Assembly, the Director General of Bakhtar news agency in Afghanistan Abdul Wahid Rayan in an interview with Mehr correspondent answered some questions.

One of the issues that these days the media are dealing with is the issue of fake news. In your opinion what is the role of holding such international meetings in tackling the fake news problem and clarification of public opinion?

Well, thank you very much. I think holding these summits are good measure taken for broadcasting real news’ in all countries. It is very important that people become aware of the reality of their country.

If the countries’ news is broadcasted just in one language, social media would find an opportunity to make fake news. Therefore, the news must be published in many languages so that it will be spread more quickly and people will get access to real news.

As you know these days the western media are trying to portray Iran as insecure. How did you find the security situation in Iran as well as the hospitality of the Iranian people?

Well, Iran enjoys a good situation. Iranian people are so hospitable and the country is a brotherly and friendly country for Afghanistan.

It is the same in the issue of Afghanistan.Western countries trying to show that Afghanistan is struggling with war, explosion, and insecurity. But the fact is Afghan people are now under the control of one rule and there is no problem. The country enjoys more stability than the time when Afghanistan was under the occupation of the Americans.


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