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Iran can become regional hub for agricultural products

Iranian Minister of Agriculture Seyyed Javad Sadatinejad made the comments in a meeting entitled “food diplomacy”  which focused on the importance of increasing agricultural trade exchanges with Central Asian countries in Tehran on Wednesday.

Sadatinejad said in the meeting, “given Iran’s unique agricultural potential, there is the possibility of exporting agricultural products to Central Asian countries including Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan.”

“Considering the proportionate measures that have been taken in the field of producing healthy, standard and high-quality agricultural products during the past year, we will witness an increase in the export of agricultural products in the near future,” Iranian minister said.

Sadatinejad pointed out that “Iran will become a hub for exporting agricultural products in the region, because we have very good capacities in the field of agricultural, horticultural, livestock, fishery, animal feed and aquatic products production.”

“We must seriously take into account the necessary standards for the quality of agricultural export products and animal feed so that we do not lose the target markets and can become the hub of the region, which is the main goal of the country.”



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