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Iran exporting medical equipment to 63 world countries

Rouhollah Mazinani made the remarks on the sidelines of a meeting of managers of universities of medical sciences held in Kermanshah on Tuesday evening.

He put the number of current production licenses issued in this field at 1,800, 1,600 of which enjoy export licenses.

The director-general also said that over 20-million-euro worth of medical equipment was exported from the country last year in the Iranian calandar (ended March 20, 2022), the value of which is increasing regularly.

Turning to the issue that there is not any restriction in the field of exporting medical equipment, Mazinani added that his administration has prioritized meeting domestic demands and then, has focused on exporting the related products overseas.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he referred to the production of medical equipment in the country and stated that about 45 percent of country’s requirements in the field of medical, dentistry, laboratory, clinical, hospital equipment and related industries are produced inside the country in line with reducing imports of these products into the country.



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