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Bayramov says has direct, intensive talks with Iran FM

Jeyhun Bayramov said that the unfriendly comments and opinions expressed in Iranian media against Azerbaijan have been noticed by the Azerbaijani side and caused them concern.

“When we talk at the foreign ministry level, we openly discuss and negotiate these matters,” he added.

“Mr. Amir-Abdollahian, my Iranian counterpart, is very sensitive to this issue and within his jurisdiction, he always takes steps to resolve any unpleasant issues in the relations between the Republic of Azerbaijan and Iran, I have observed this important issue several times. We have a direct and intensive conversation with him,” he said.

“Maintaining and developing relationships is a rather complex process,” according to the Azeri FM, adding “It is easier to destroy something than to rebuild it.”

“The Azerbaijani side will take all the necessary measures to continue the positive trend that existed in the relations between the two countries,” he concluded.



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