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Iran’s ATU, Tajik research center sign cooperation MoU

The document was signed with the aim of promoting and developing scientific and research cooperation to use the capacities and capabilities of both sides in the fields of humanities and social sciences based on the principles of equality and common interests.

Exchanging scientific data, books, scientific publications and research documents, publishing joint books, exchanging professors and students, and holding educational workshops are among the fields of cooperation mentioned in the MoU.

Emphasizing that Allameh Tabataba’i University’s effort in the field of international activities is to expand international communication, the president of the university added, “We currently have cooperation agreements with various countries and major universities in the world, and some of these agreements have been implemented.

He added that one of the university’s policies is to get closer and communicate more with Muslim, neighboring, and Islamic countries.

“We have cultural closeness with Tajikistan and we can have common scientific grounds together and use the available capacities for scientific development,” he added.

The Tajik side, for his part, said, “With the expansion of scientific circles, we can find our proper place both in the region and in the world, and the relationship of love and friendship between the two countries will deepen.”



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