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IRISL to set up rep. offices in India to strengthen activity

Accordingly, IRISL will transport the export products in eastern part of this country which are transported by railway to the India’s west ports.

Considering that the Indian government and businessmen are very interested in developing their business activities with Russia, Commonwealth Independent States (CIS) and Iran through the North-South Corridor, the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Group has launched regular container shipping lines from the western ports of India to the southern ports of Iran, the report added.

In the meantime, executive and marketing measures have been taken to strengthen and develop cooperation with the Indian sides to transport the country’s export and import goods to Russia and the CIS markets.

Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Group has taken effective steps in recent months to strengthen its shipping activity in the North-South corridor by managing the Russian port of Solyanka on the shores of the Caspian Sea as well as making huge investment in developing this port.



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