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Iran wins eighth World Championship in sitting volleyball

The first set was played point for point until halfway through the first period when the Iranians made a more noticeable difference (14:17) with a good game in defence and an equally great game in attack.

After that, it was played in several mini-series. First, the Dragons, as BiH national teams are affectionately called, equalized to 17:17, and then the Iranians again escaped to a three-point lead, 17:20.

Bosnia entered the very end of the set with a score of 21:20 thanks to a new mini-series that came on the wings of great play in both phases of the game.

The local team had an advantage of one point, it was 23:22, and after the time out for the Iranians, Bosnia soon won the first set ball, but the first set was won by the Iranians 26:24.

In the second set, the dragons allowed the Iranians a 4-0 run, and in the first eight points of the set, they scored only one point. It was 1-7 for the visitors. The second set eventually lasted 62 points, and again went to the side of the Iranians.

In the third set, the Iranians made an early three-point lead. When the Iranians created a double-digit lead, 20:10, it was clear that the Dragons would have to settle for second place and a silver medal.

In the end, the Bosnia team was defeated with a score of 3:0 in sets, and the last set ended with a score of 12:25, making the final score look like this: 26:24, 32:30, 25:12.

In this way, the national team of Iran won a record eighth World Championship title, while Bosnia won only three world championship titles.



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