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West not needed to play role of supporter of Iranian women

Ershadi made the remarks at the Wednesday meeting of the United Nations in New York, saying that Iranian women are intelligent, educated, selfless, and patriotic; so, there is no need that Western countries to see themselves as their advocate and the false claimants of the Iranian women.

The countries, which pursue an anti-Iran human rights resolution, promote the dissemination of fake information, provocation of public opinion, training of sabotage, as well as financial and military support for terrorist groups under the guise of backing the rights of the Iranian women, she noted.

The Iranian ambassador addressed the United Nations General Assembly Third Committee, saying that the Islamic Republic categorically rejects and condemns the draft resolution against Iran, which has been prepared based on unfounded data and biased treatment of a special rapporteur.

The member states of the United Nations General Assembly Third Committee voted to a Canadian-proposed draft resolution on the situation of human rights in Iran every year and this year’s draft resolution consists of unrest in recent weeks in the Islamic Republic.

The draft resolution on human rights in Iran was approved by a vote of 79 in favor to 30 against, with 71 abstentions.

According to, Iran’s delegate called the draft an “insincere political move” that exposes a deliberate policy of incitement to “Iranophobia”.

She denounced that the cosponsors — Canada, the United States, and “the child killer Israeli regime”, the main proponents of racism, occupation, and abhorrent treatment of indigenous peoples — have come together to lecture others on human rights, the UN website reported.



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