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Bagheri Kani stresses expanding economic coop. with Serbia

Referring to the common experience of the two countries from the oppressive US sanctions, Bagheri Kani considered the bureaucratic problems as one of the main obstacles to the expansion of economic cooperation between the two countries and emphasized the need to remove these obstacles.

The two sides also emphasized the formation of a joint working group in order to examine end explore the necessary solutions to remove the barriers to economic cooperation, especially sanctions obstacles.

In another meeting with Serbian media representatives, Bagheri Kani announced that after signing important cooperation documents in the political-economic and cultural fields, the legal ground is laid for strengthening Iran-Serbia relations in the near future.

He also announced that important bilateral cooperation documents in various fields, including economic and commercial, fighting organized crime, work and social-sports welfare, health and higher education will be signed between the two countries in near future.

Moreover, Iran’s stances on the nuclear negotiations, the Ukraine crisis, and issues related to the energy crisis were explained.



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