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Iran, Turkey launch electricity swap: spokesman

Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi made the comments at a press conference on the sidelines of an international exhibition in Tehran on Wednesday.

Now supplying gas to power plants is the Iranian oil ministry’s priority, the spokesman said.

He added that it is planned not to impose any blackouts on power plants due to lack of fuel.

Rajabi Mashhadi added that now more than 70% of power plants are fed with gas.

The spokesperson of the electricity industry also said that there are plans to export electricity to Europe, adding that one of the routes is through Turkey.

As regards swapping electricity with Turkey, he said that “synchronization is now done, we have put 600 megawatts into the exchange as a test, and with the latest technology in the world, we are proceeding with the work as a back-to-back post.”

He added, “The electricity swap with Turkey has started and currently we receive 3.5 days of electricity from this country and export 3.5 days in return.”



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