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Iran explores new oil reservoirs in southwest

“New oil resources have been discovered in the southwest of the country, the details of which will be announced by the oil minister in the near future,” said the National Iranian Oil Company’s chief of explorations department, Mehdi Fakkur.

Fakkuri also announced designing of a marine exploratory block in the waters of the Persian Gulf by Iranian experts which contains over 30 trillion cubic feet of gas reserves.

He also said that the Iranian experts have achieved the method of aerial magnetometry with planes which is able to discover and identify reservoirs and hydrocarbon fields in a depth of 7,000 meters beneath the earth.

Designed by Iranian scientists, the aircraft is now receiving data and is planned to explore one-tenth of the county’s lands, Fakkur added.

Few people in the world have the ability to fly such an aircraft which must be flown at a low altitude (600 meters above the ground) and under special conditions.  A 30-year-old Iranian, trained in Iran, will do this dangerous work in the Zagros mountains, he noted.



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