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UN-Habitat willing to develop roadmap for coop. with Iran

In a message sent to Iran’s new Minister of Roads and Urban Development Mehrdad Bazrpash, Mohd Sharif announced the willingness of UN-Habitat to expand the roadmap for long-term cooperation with Iran through the Ministry as National Habitat Committee (NHC).

She also emphasized strengthening the current cooperation and using technical and financial resources.

She considered the implementation of ‘Emergency Support to Safer Hospitals and Settlement’ (BEHTAB II) necessary which aims to establish the foundations toward disaster preparedness and enhanced response capacity associated with natural hazards.

Regarding the approval of two joint projects in Iran, Mohd Sharif expressed willingness to further cooperation.

Previously in November, the second phase of the Project for Improving the Resilience of Hospitals came into the implementation phase. Following the successful completion of the first phase, BEHTAB II will be implemented to retrofit a public hospital as a pilot case.



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