Iran 7th biggest steel producer in world

Speaking to Iranian media on Wednesday, Iranian steel manufacturer Mohammad Saeidi said the country used to be among the top 10 steel-producing countries in recent years, but in November, the country’s steel industry’s ranking increased to seventh place with a production of 2.9 million tons.

Saeidi said that Iran’s volume of produced steel in November exceeded those of Turkey, Germany, and Brazil and its place on the world table moved up to 7th place.

He added that securing the supply of fuel to the steel industry is the main reason for the increase in total steel production volume in the country.

“In November, despite the fact that steel production in the world decreased by 3.7% compared to last year amid energy crises, in Iran we witnessed an 8.5% increase in steel production, which was the highest growth rate among the top 10 steel producers in the world,” the Iranian manufacturer said.

The countries in the European Union faced a 10.1% decrease in steel production due to the energy crisis caused by the shortages of natural gas, while we also witnessed an 11.2% decrease in steel production in other European countries outside the EU.

Saeidi went on to say that for example, the decrease in steel production in Germany during November compared to last year was 7.9%.

He further noted that steel production in the United States also witnessed a 5.5% decrease compared to last year.

The decrease in steel production in other countries has benefitted Iran’s steel industry so that now the country is receiving more export orders from even the EU states.



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