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Monitoring equipment re-installed at some Iranian sites

The UN nuclear watchdog has re-installed some monitoring equipment originally put in place under the 2015 nuclear deal with major powers that Iran then ordered removed last year, the watchdog said in two reports on Wednesday seen by Reuters.

Last year on June 9, Tehran removed 27 surveillance cameras at different nuclear sites, while keeping in place as many as 40 cameras. The move came after IAEA Board of Governors approved an anti-Iran resolution despite Iran’s warning.

Iran says the IAEA anti-Iran stances were because the agency was under the influence of the Israeli regime and its Western backers.

The added monitoring equipment included surveillance cameras at a site in Isfahan where centrifuge parts are produced as well as monitoring equipment at two declared enrichment facilities, the confidential reports to member states said, according to Reuters.

One added, however, that the International Atomic Energy Agency “awaits Iran’s engagement to address” issues including the installation of more monitoring equipment announced months ago, the report added today.

The claim by Reuters has not been confirmed yet either by Tehran or the IAEA.

Tehran announced on Tuesday that it had resolved two issues with the agency: findings of enriched uranium particles with 83.7 purity and the other issue was alleged undeclared Abadeh site.



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