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Iran second-biggest global date producer

Noting that 1.3 million tons of dates were produced in the country in the last Iranian year (March 2022-23), Mohsen Rashid Farrokhi, chairman of the National Date Association of Iran, said 20-30% of the output is exported every year, Finacial Tribune reported.

He put last year’s exports at $400 million, adding that the country has the capacity to increase the figure to $1 billion.

“Among our 75 export destinations, the US and China have the lion’s share,” he said.

The official noted that per capita consumption is estimated at around 8 kilograms per year, adding that date production and related industries have created 1.5 million jobs in Iran directly and 4 million jobs indirectly.

According to Farrokhi, about 500 types of dates are grown in Iran, of which 18 are exported.

Although Egypt is the world’s biggest producer, Saudi Arabia is Iran’s major rival in the global date market.



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