good news iran: Croatian scholar’s ‘Innovations in Culture and Development’ published in ‎Persian

The book focuses on innovations in culture having the potential to drive overall development. It has been translated into Persian by Hojatollah Khederi Gharibvand and Ali-Reza Jaberi. Naghd-e Farhang Publishing has released ‘Innovations in Culture and Development’ in 180 pages and 500 copies.

The work analyses public policies and offers inspiring examples of innovations in culture which solve various societal problems as well as recommendations for public policies. The “culturinno effect” (culture + innovations), thus presents evidence of the inherent power culture has in fostering development.

The volume leads us through the role of culture in different concepts of development, providing the theoretical and historical context of development and theory of change.

Analysis of theoretical cultural policy models is followed by practical examples of innovations in culture, culminating in a text that is a must have for innovative decision makers ready to respond to the challenges of today as well as students, artists and cultural workers who are prepared to offer a new view on arts/culture.

Daniela Angelina Jelinčić holds a Ph.D. in ethnology from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb (2004). She works as a senior research adviser, at the Department for Culture and Communication where she coordinates or coordinated a number of international, nationaland local projects.

Her research interests are in cultural tourism, cultural/creative industries, cultural heritage, cultural policy, creativity/innovation, experience economy, social innovations and innovations in culture. She lectures on cultural tourism, cultural heritage management, creative industries, experience economy at the University of Zagreb and at a number of business schools.

Occasionally, she also teaches at the Institute of Advanced Studies (iASK) – UNESCO Chair in Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainability in Köszeg, Hungary. She is the (co)author of different strategic documents, studies and management plans such as Cultural Tourism within the project ˝Croatia in the 21stCentury: Strategy of Cultural Development˝, (2000) and ˝ City of Zadar Cultural Development Plan 2019-2026˝(2019).  


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