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good news iran: Beauties of Iran: Shapoori House of Shiraz (+Photos) – Tourism news

Constructed in the style of the Qajar architecture, Shapoori House is one of the first buildings of its age that was designed and built on the basis of a free approach to architecture.

The two-story building has an area of 840 square meters, located in a field covering 4,635 square meters. Shapoori House has been inscribed on the list of the Iranian national heritage sites.

The building was constructed by Master Abul-Qassem, a renowned architect from Shiraz, between 1931 and 1936. The house belonged to Abdul-Saheb Shapoori, a wealthy merchant from the city of Kazeroon.

The big house was inhabited by the Shapoori family until the 1990s before it was left empty for a couple of years. In 2000, the Cultural Heritage Organization of Fars Province bought the house and included it on the list of national heritage sites.

Source: IFP news


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