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good news iran: Iran, Vietnam to open new chapter in tech coop.

Iranian and Vietnamese knowledge-based companies active in the fields of medical equipment, energy, IT, and artificial intelligence (AI) are to take part in the event.

The meeting would be held online from June 26 to July 21 by International Affairs and Technological Exchange Center affiliated to Iran’s Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology. Those interested in participating in the meeting can register until June 21.

Vietnam exceeded China in economic growth in 2020 and can be a good destination and market for Iranian knowledge-based companies to offer their products and interact with Vietnamese companies and economic activists.

The country has set records in annual economic growth in the recent decade, so the latest statistics show it has exported 60 billion dollars of goods and services to the United States.

Vietnam is the next destination for Iranian knowledge-based companies working on medical equipment, energy, IT, and artificial intelligence (AI) to find a way of cooperating with Vietnamese counterparts in the upcoming virtual meeting.

Vietnam’s market is thirsty for new technologies and products, but they cannot afford their needs from European and American markets because of high costs.

Among energetic Asian economies, Vietnam enjoys a growing economy with high potential. Companies and investors from all over the world are increasingly seeking to enter this country.

Long-time growth, high population, political stability, and young human forces are the most important factor to convince Iranian companies to interact with Vietnam.

Recognizing this, Iran’s Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology has partnered with Behbood Tajhiz Behin Andish Co (BTBACO) to provide knowledge-based companies in Iran with an export market to extend their sales overseas.

Interaction with Vietnam would connect Iran to ASEAN free trade region, expanding the playground for Iranian companies to be active in the vast region of Southeast Asia.



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