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Iran denounces European Parliament meddlesome resolution

“This resolution entails unilateral and baseless prejudices against the Islamic Republic of Iran, therefore it is rejected as ‘null and void’ and worthless,” Kan’ani stressed.

The spokesman added the resolution criticizes the necessary countermeasures taken by Iran against organized acts of violence even though the plotters and instigators of the riots, who are in mainly in Europe, resorted to hostile and violent actions against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He went on to say that by resolution, the European Parliament showed that it continues its selective behavior towards the great nation of Iran because Iran has never seen that the European parliament issues a resolution against the US sanctions which violate the Iranian people’s human rights.

Saying that the case of Ms. Mahsa Amini’s death is still under investigation by the judicial authorities and other neing followed up by the highest-level authorities of the country, the spokesman noted that the resolution was a indication that the radical elements in the European parliament only look for something to show their animosity towards the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“Based on mutual respect and interests, the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready for bilateral interaction with all parties, but it will resolutely stand against any attempt to excercise pressure or resort to restrictive measures against the Iranian people and will give a reciprocal and proportionate response,” Kan’ani went to stress.



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