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Lufthansa flights to Iran resumed

CAOI has issued a communique elaborating on the reason for the temporary halting of Lufthansa flights to Iran.

After Lufthansa airline claimed that a corpse was found aboard its Airbus 340 plane, flight number 601 on its Tehran-Frankfurt flight, on October 27, it had electronic contact after the incident with the Iranian aviation officials and the airport asked for the temporary halting of its flights to Iran.

Accordingly, the security workgroup of Imam Khomeini International Airport immediately arranged for an urgent meeting to probe into the issue, the communique added.

“But since the German officials have not yet officially announced their viewpoints about the event, the Lufthansa flights to Imam Khomeini International Airport are resumed,” it further noted.

If the authorized German aviation officials confirm the incident, the CAOI will embark on a joint investigation, it said.



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