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Iran’s trade with Caspian Sea states gains pace

According to the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration, Iran’s trade with Caspian Sea littoral states reached 4.62 million tons worth $2.49 billion during the first eight months of the current Iranian year, registering a 17.47% rise in value, but a 5.2% fall in terms of weight compared to the similar period of last year,

Russia was Iran’s main trading partner among the Caspian states with 2.63 million tons (up 23.73%) worth $1.48 billion (up 8.36%) during the period under review. It was followed by Azerbaijan with 517,497 tons (down 9.42%) worth $484,993 million (up 32.87%), Turkmenistan with 924,553 tons (down 0.16%) worth $311,820 million (up 35.58%), and Kazakhstan with 560,878 tons (up 30.62%) worth $209,164 million (up 39.11%), Financial Tribune reported.

Iran’s exports exceeded 2.64 million tons worth $1.33 billion during the period, registering a 7.56% and 29.44% rise in weight and value respectively.



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