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France has no right to interfere in Iran judicial decisions

In an interview with IRNA on Tuesday, Nasser Kan’ani referred to the recent statement issued by the French foreign ministry regarding the two French nationals imprisoned in Iran.

“We strongly condemn such unprofessional, interventionist, and inappropriate stances with the use of false references,” the senior Iranian diplomat stressed.

The people mentioned in the statement of the French foreign ministry were arrested based on solid evidence and the French government is well aware of their crimes, so Iran believes that the use of incorrect words in the statement does not contribute to solving the problems, he added.

The judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran is independent and its judicial decisions are respected and binding, Kan’ani stressed elsewhere in his remarks.

Having a dual approach regarding human rights issues and hosting notorious anti-Iranian terrorists, the French government has no right to interfere in the judicial decisions of the Islamic Republic of Iran, he stressed.

He also advised the French foreign ministry to avoid resorting to such statements and using words outside of diplomatic decency which have negative consequences on the relations between the two countries.



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