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good news iran: Crops account for 23% of total Iran exports to Iraq

 Iran’s Agriculture Minister Kazem Khavazi made the remarks in a meeting with his Iraq counterpart Muhammad Karim Jassim Al-Khafaji in the Iranian holy city of Mashhad on Tuesday afternoon.

“We have very good trade relations with Iraq and a large volume of our goods are exported to Iraq, about 23% of which are agricultural products,” Khavazi said at the meeting.

He told his Iraqi counterpart that in order to cooperate in different areas, the two sides need to have a timetable that fits the agricultural calendars of the two countries.

The Iranian minister further said that, “There is a good ground for importing goods that we import from other countries, which we can import from Iraq to help our trade balance.”

He said “the Iranian goods need to enjoy a special order for export to Iraq and have preferential tariffs, and other regulations related to customs and the quality of agricultural products and veterinary-related protocols must be observed so that we do not have problems at the borders.”

The Iranian agriculture minister also noted that “It is necessary to achieve more cooperation.”

Khavazi added, “We thank the Iraqi government and people who stood beside us under the cruel US sanctions.”



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